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Here are the steps to designing your own strip style minky blanket.

  1. Go to our Fabric Page to look at all the minky we stock in house. If there is a print you don’t see but want let us know. If its not discontinued I can get it for you.
  2. Send me thru our contact page the fabrics you would like in your blanket, your email address and phone number in case I can’t reach you by email.
  3. I will cut your pieces and take a picture once I think its looking good. You approve of that design or change it around. It isn’t sewn yet so you can let me know to move the pieces if you want. The picture will come in an email from me so respond to that email its approved or change it around.
  4. Once approved I have your email and picture of what I need to create. You need to go back to the website and purchase the blanket size you want. The website will take you to paypal to complete the payment process. No need to have a paypal account!
  5. I will get an email its paid for and what size I need to make. Your blanket is now being cut and sewn.
  6. we try to get the blankets in the mail in a few days but will email if there is a delay. That typically happens if I’m waiting on a print to arrive. I’ll keep in contact with you.
  7. Once I ship the package you will get a tracking number to your email address so you know about when it will arrive. We pay for shipping and insurance on your package.

Now you can just enjoy your new blanket!!!

Washing instructions can’t be easier! Wash on Low, Dry on Low or fluff. No fabric softener is the trick to keep this blanket looking the same year after year.

If you like the look of a piecework blanket there is another listing for those. Same process just different style of blanket


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Custom Blanket Prices

Baby Blanket 30″ x 36″, Medium Blanket 40″ x 45″, Large Blanket 48″ x 60″, XL Blanket 60″ x 72″


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