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Full Size Minky Pillowcase – Fits Standard Size Pillow


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Product Description

Perfect for that restful sleep. Oh so soft made with Minky fabrics. Softest fabric ever! We can make them in solid colors or solid minky on the main part and a print on the trim.

Choose the main part of the pillow and then the trim color or print. The picture will show up as the trim choice. You can mix and match your colors for sports colors or school colors. Be creative! If you wanted the same color or print on the trim and the main part just choose the same print as your option.

Fits standard pillows. The finished size of our cases are 20″ x 30″.

Additional Information

Trim of Pillowcase

Anchor, All Sports, Navy, Orange, Black, white, Aqua, Baby pink, Med pink, Fuchsia, Lavender, Dark Purple, Watermelon, Dark Lime, Brown, Camel (Tan), Mango Yellow, Baby Blue, Red, Emerald Green, Coral, Silver Gray, Charcoal Gray, Girl Owl, Boy Owl, Lavender Owl, Girl Zoology, Boy Zoology, Pink/ lime chevron, Pink/silver gray chevron, baby blue/Silver chevron, Aqua/topaz/charcoal chevron, Gray Jaguar, Kitty Cat, Dog, Pink Damask, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Pink Baby Leopard, Silver/white chevron, aqua, green and gold chevron, black gray white chevron, Bubble Dot Topaz, Bubble Dot Lilac Hot pink, Bubble Dot Midnight Kiwi, MIni Chevron Paris Pink Snow, Mini chevron Topaz Snow, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Pirate, Forest Tails Kiwi, Sock Monkey, Cowgirl, Jungle Tales Watermelon, Little Safari Aruba, Carnival Night Owls, Orange Brown Night Owls, Midnight Dino, Fuchsia Monkey, Midnight Monkey, Aviator, Dandelion Silver, Dandelion Teal, Fuchsia Lattice, Navy Lattice, Oceano Oyster, Oceano Teal, Giraffe Topaz, Giraffe Paris Pink, Capri Pewter, Pink Buddies, Blue Buddies, Pink Camo, Green Camo,

Main Pillowcase

Anchor, All Sports, Boy Zoology, Navy, Orange, Black, White, Aqua, Baby pink, Medium Pink, Fuchsia, Lavender, dark purple, Watermelon, Dark Lime, Brown, Camel (tan), Mango Yellow, Baby Blue, Red, Emerald Green, Coral, Silver gray, Charcoal gray, aqua


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